Kids Co. is a nonprofit child care organization. And why a nonprofit? Our founder, Susan R. Brown worked for a profit child care in the 1980s. She saw first-hand the effects on families who couldn’t enroll their children simply because they couldn’t afford the tuition.

Other things she noticed:

  • Most families were either working, in school, or disabled
  • Many were single parents trying to make ends meet on one income
  • The inability to obtain care hindered their ability to work and/or attend school
  • The cost of child care tuition rivals that of college tuition

Affordable care options are hard to find! As a nonprofit, Kids Co. is here to serve the kids rather than the profit. This distinguishes Kids Co. from the many for-profit child care businesses in our community and allows us to use our funds in proactive ways that support our families and staff.

Your Donation

Here's what we do with your donation:


    • Provide tuition assistance for low-income families who are experiencing trauma
    • Give our staff dynamic, comprehensive, and relevant training so they can care for children’s unique needs and keep them safe
    • Incorporate experiential learning programming that gives them real-life and hands-on experiences
    • Serve delicious and healthy snacks to all of our students so they won’t be hungry during their out of school time

Financial Records:

2018 Audited Financial Statement

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