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Tuition Assistance

Keeping Child Care Affordable

Kids Co. is a nonprofit organization that funds Kids Co.’s tuition assistance programs, in part, through private donations from generous individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Kids Co., as well as our donors, recognize that the cost of quality child care can be out of reach for some families, so much so that sometimes families forego child care altogether. When this happens, everyone loses: the children, their families, and entire communities. The development and safety of these children become fragile in ways that affect their vitality and health.

Keeping quality child care within reach of all families is a core Kids Co. value, and we work to provide options that enable families to secure the care they need for their children.

If you need help paying for child care, there are three tuition assistance programs available to you:

Step 1

Apply to Washington State Working Connection Child Care (WCCC) to determine eligibility to receive child care subsidies from the state.

Step 2

If you live in the Seattle City limits and are not eligible to receive WCCC subsidies, apply for the City of Seattle Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) to determine eligibility to receive child care subsidies from the City of Seattle.

IMPORTANT: Kids Co. requires that families apply for Working Connection support (a comprehensive Washington State program that bundles several assistance programs into one application process) and the City of Seattle Child Care Assistance Program prior to applying for a Kids Co. scholarship.

Step 3

Apply for a Kids Co. Scholarship.

Kids Co. offers special support to families who have unique and individual circumstances who may or may not qualify for WCCC or CCAP assistance. Our scholarship program requires an application be completed and returned to the program manager – at the location you want to enroll your child or your child is already enrolled – with all required financial documentation and a detailed explanation of the situation. Kids Co. Scholarship award decisions are reviewed on a case by case basis. Scholarship awards vary, are subject to availability of funds, and are never guaranteed. Kids Co. does not offer full tuition (no cost) scholarships.

If your family is eligible to receive WCCC or CCAP subsidies but your copayment is beyond what you can afford, you may be eligible to receive a Kids Co. scholarship.