Giving: Ways to Share and Support

Ways to Share and Support

Donating = Loving

…and in 2016 this love amounted to…

  • 43 Charter Buses were secured to allow kids faster, further, and safer fieldtrip transportation. This is a much better option than Metro;
  • 45 After School Club scholarships (think music lessons, hip-hop dancing and/or cooking classes) at South Shore;
  • 200 Kids Co. Before School, After School, and Summer Camp scholarships that ensure kids are safe and well taken care of while their parents are at work.

It’s never too late to support the Kids Co. family. Make a donation today.

Donate by Mail: Tried and True

Some donors prefer to send their contributions by mail. If this is true for you, make your check payable to Kids Co. and send it to:

Kids Co. 2208 NW Market Street, Suite 510 Seattle, WA 98107

Invest in Kids by Gifting Appreciated Securities

Donating appreciated securities provides a path for donors to support Kids Co. while reaping the tax benefit of avoiding capital gains taxes. The process is relatively simple. The fair market value of donated securities is determined on the day of their transfer to Kids Co. The donor receives an immediate donation credit and a tax-deduction for the full fair market value of the donated securities, no matter how much was originally paid for them. If this is a path you would like to pursue, contact Amanda Bakke (; 206-781-8062 x30).

Leave a Legacy, Remember Kids Co. in your Will

For many of us, the last act of life is the new life we create through the gifting of our estate assets. If you are drawn to the work of Kids Co. and have a tender spot in your heart for the care of children, consider naming Evergreen Children’s Association (dba Kids Co.) in your will. Let the gift of your life’s legacy be quality care for children that parents trust. Contact Amanda Bakke should you have questions (; 206-781-8062 x30).