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Ages Served: 5 to 12 years old

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Before School: 7:00A-8:50A

After School: M, T, Th, F 3:25P-6:00P, Wed 2:10P-6P

Summer Day Camp: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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After School Clubs:


Every day at Kids Co. at TOPS, located at TOPS K-8 School, is an adventure! Our amazing staff arrives each morning excited to greet each child and to help make their day special.  Each morning we enjoy quiet activities and a morning snack together. When it’s time for school to begin we get the kids packed up and bring them up to the lunchroom to join their teachers. Later in the afternoon, we welcome our kids into our room and begin our time together with a delicious snack or a little homework and quiet reading. We later come together for group time and transition to our enrichment and active choice activities. During our activity time, each child is able to choose which activity they would like to participate in depending on their interest and energy level. We end each afternoon with some quiet play time and get the room ready for the next day!

Summer Day Camp (scroll down for weekly themes)

Week 1: Full STEAM Ahead (June 23-26th, CLOSED June 22nd) -- Put on your goggles, hardhats and thinking caps for a week of engineering fun!  This week students will practice their STEM skills through a variety of building, science, and crafting activities.  Using exciting materials like Legos, sand, wood, and more, students will craft impressive creations that they can take home to remember this fun-filled week of Kids Co. camp!

Week 2: Imaginarium (June 29-July 2nd, CLOSED July 3rd) -- Dive into a world of magic and whimsy!  This week, students will discover their spirit of adventure and creativity through hands-on activities and field trips.  Students can dodge dragons, explore fairy lands, and jump over lava pits in our own Kids Co. obstacle course or games, then put your imagination to the test and create your own unique worlds and creatures.  Bring your creative minds for an adventurous week at Kids Co.!

Week 3: Outdoor Explorers (July 6-10th) -- Summer is the perfect time for outdoor exploration!  This week, students will learn about the many great outdoor activities that start in their own backyard.  We will practice new games, create exciting art, and complete some messy science experiments—all in the great outdoors!  Take in a breath of fresh air as we get ready for an exciting week of outdoor play!

Week 4: Farm to Table (July 13-17th) -- All about good eats! Kids have the chance to put on their chef hats and create easy, healthy meals and snacks. Each day we’ll explore a new menu, learn about cooking tools and techniques, and enjoy food themed field trips or visitors. Plus, we’ll explore where our food comes from – local farms, markets, restaurants, and bakeries will be highlighted. Bring your appetites for a week of food fun!

Week 5: Into the Wild (July 20-24th) – This week we will learn about animals both on land and in the sea, and other creepy crawlers in our region and all around the world! Students will start with fun learning exercises about different animals and the ecosystems in which they live!  We will get outside to see if we can spot some of the creatures that live in our own backyard as well! So get ready for a week of animal exploration at Kids Co.!

Week 6: Let’s Play (July 27-31st) -- Let the games begin!  During this week, students will have the opportunity to play board games, some familiar and some new, group games, and gym games while also having the opportunity to create their own games! Together we’ll practice teamwork, grow math skills, and strategy development, as well as explore the places where games are played.

Week 7: The Great Adventure (August 3-7th, CLOSED August 7th) – Join us as we “adventure” from the depths of the oceans to the outer reaches of space. Kids that attend this week will have a blast learning about the less traveled parts of our world and beyond through fun projects, games, and more. They will even have a chance come up with their own creatures and landscapes as they create their own worlds!

Week 8: Get on the Bus (August 10-14th) -- Planes! Trains! And Automobiles! And Ferries too! Learn about the different forms of transportation around the city and the state that support the communities in which we live.  STEM projects will teach students how different modes of transportation work and interactive field trips will allow students to see exciting vehicles up close!  So get ready for some amazing field trips and awesome transportation projects this week at Kids Co.!

Week 9: Makers Space (August 17-21st) -- It’s time to get crafty at Kids Co. and unleash your inner Picasso! From painting and papier-mâché to creative writing; we will be unlocking the creative side of the brain through a plethora of different arts and activities. So bring your imagination and get ready to get crafty!

Week 10: Best Week Ever (August 24-27th, CLOSED August 28th) – Get ready for the best week ever at Kids Co.! This week is all about student choice! Whether that’s redoing a favorite activity, putting a new twist on an old activity, or planning something totally new, students and staff will work together to create and recreate some all-time favorites!

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4-5 Days                   $315
3 Days                       $240
2 Days                       $190

Before School Care

Kids Co.’s before school program offers kids a safe place to start their day. Every morning, Kids Co. offers breakfast and free time during which kids can choose from lots of activities like building, quiet reading, games, art station, or just hanging out with friends.  After students gain some of their morning energy, they can join our talented and caring staff in an exciting activity!  Past activities include science experiments, building projects, and group games.  Join us at Kids Co.'s before school program, where students start their days off right!

After School Care

Kids Co.’s after school program is designed to help kids wind down from a busy school day.  Through our structure and activities, staff members focus on teaching students about social-emotional, problem-solving, and leadership skills through play.  We offer afternoon snack, inside free time, recess, and homework help as well as one teacher-led activity per day and opportunities for student-led activities.  These activities vary and can include STEM challenges, arts and craft activities, active games, cooking projects, and more.

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