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Talking to Your Kids About Juneteenth

Juneteenth Blog

Important Facts About Juneteenth For You and Your Kids

Monday, June 20, 2022, all Kids Co. locations will be closed in observance of Juneteenth. This is the first year that this important date has been recognized as a federal holiday and Kids Co. believes it’s important to learn and understand the history and significance of this date.

June 19th or “Juneteenth” is the oldest nationally celebrated recognition of the ending of slavery in the United States. On June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden signed a bill declaring Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

What is Juneteenth?

Also known as Emancipation or Freedom Day, Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. The name “Juneteenth” references the date of the holiday, combining “June” and “nineteenth”.

When was Juneteenth First Celebrated?

Juneteenth was first celebrated in Texas, on June 19, 1866. It marked the first anniversary of the day enslaved Black individuals learned of the Emancipation Proclamation and that they were free. This was more than two years after it was first issued.

How was Juneteenth originally celebrated?

In the years that followed, the first observation of Juneteenth celebrations typically included religious and prayer services, readings, speeches, sharing oral histories from former slaves, games, singing and feasting.

How do we recognize Juneteenth today?

Last year on June 16, 2021, legislation establishing the holiday with federal observance was passed by congress and the following day was signed into law. While Juneteenth had previously been an established state holiday in Texas since 1980, it was not federally recognized. This year is the first time Juneteenth will be nationally observed with federal and school closures.

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