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Susan's Blog

Here at Kids Co. we strive to not only provide the best in affordable child care, but to also advocate for high-quality child care for ALL children and familes. No child should be turned away for their family's inability to pay. In this blog, we share information about high-quality child care and the news, laws, and policy affecting the sector.

Susan R. Brown - Kids Co. Founder and CEO


Age Old Question: Is it Day Care or Child Care?

Child care, which is commonly referred to as “day care” is in essence the care and supervision of kids. For many of us who do this work, we use the…

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Getting My Blog Feet Wet With Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Kids Co.

Happy New Year! I’m new to the blogging world so please bear with me. My hope is that you will join me on this journey and that you will gain…

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