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Salamanders and Scientists and Explorers… Oh My!

Did someone say reptiles?

Kids Co. Offers Summer 2022 Camps with Themes to Engage Every Child.

The beauty of childhood is the ever-expansive imagination kids possess and the near constant ability to find new things absolutely magical.

At Kids Co. we pride ourselves on offering new and interesting summer camp programs that will hold something interesting and new for every child. If you are looking for affordable and reliable child care this summer, consider enrolling your child in one of our themed camps!

Can’t get enough of games? Try our Game Creators camp where campers will design their own games and share them with one another. Maybe your child dreams of creating a time machine and visiting places far in the past with dinosaurs or maybe on the Oregon Trail! Our Blast from the Past camp is ready to stamp their time traveler’s passport.

Sit down with your child today and read through our list of exciting camps. Not only will it give them a chance to practice their reading skills, but you can see what might spark their interest.

Enrollment is now open! Click here for enrollment information.

Animal Planet – Join the fun while we virtually venture around the globe. Activities and projects will be focused on learning about all the planet’s rich and varied animals. There is so much to explore from the unusual Jerboa, to the slimy Giant Salamander, to the eerie Angler Fish, and that’s just a few of the many animals we’ll get to learn about.

Express Yourself –  This week is all about self and the arts. Kids will explore multiple mediums for self-expression through painting, use of clay, acting, sketching/drawing, dance, and more. Whether it’s goofy, joyful, frustration, love, etc. kids who attend this week of camp, will learn ways to explore and express themselves during this creative arts week.

Best Week Ever – Every week at Kids Co. Summer Camp is great, but this is the best week of all. Kids will help choose the projects and activities that we do. Do you want to revisit past projects? Sure, let’s gather the supplies. Create your own project? Of course. Not to be missed is the end of week celebration. Don’t miss out on the Best Week Ever of summer day camp!

Blast from the Past –  Are you ready to travel back in time? Jump into the Kids Co. time machine as we take you, our junior voyagers, to the land of Dinosaurs, or the Oregon Trail, or the moon landing and more! Campers will grab their essentials for each historic adventure filled with fun facts, as they have fun exploring history and learning together!

Game Creators B-I-N-G-O! – Tag – you’re it! Board Walk and Park Place. Roll the dice, toss the Frisbee, and get ready to create your own version of your favorite games whether it’s board games, card games, field games and more. Campers will be given a variety of materials to design and build their own game, creating the rules and gaming pieces will all be from the master builder’s imagination. Campers will get a chance to share their amazing game creations with each other and will be sent home to play with friends and family at the end of camp. Get ready to choose your own adventure and challenge your opponent to a game… or two.

Community Builders – Ready, set, go… Community Builders i.e. campers, will have the opportunity to create their very own city within Kids Co. Each camper will get to showcase their entrepreneurial skill by making and creating a variety of goods to sell. Campers will design their city layouts with blueprints and all, working together to develop and plan businesses and amenities to best fit the needs of their newly designed community.

Who do I see hiding there? – We are expanding our imagination this week and entering into the world of fairies, gnomes, and other mystical creatures. Kids Co. campers will get the perfect mix of science, and our imaginations to create worlds where all of our favorite creatures can come to life.

Summer splash – Get your wetsuits, swimsuits, and water friendly clothing ready, because this week we will be doing everything water related! From learning about ocean and lake animals, building sandcastles to fun water challenges to keep us cool. We will be exploring all that makes water play during the summer months the best ever!

Unconventional Inventions – This week is all about thinking outside of the box to create our own personal inventions! We will get messy, get scientific, and get creative to come up with our next generations greatest inventions. Bring your ingenuity and creativity to this innovative week of summer camp.

From Stonehenge to Space –  Claim your spot in the history books, check out the wonders of the world by joining Kids Co. for a week of exploring the furthest parts of the world to the outer reaches of space. Join us as we “explore” pieces of history from long ago to predicting the future.

Magical Myths From Around the Globe – Pack your bags and join Kids Co. for a week of myths, legends, and tall tales from around the world. We have the week to swap, share, and create our own stories with exciting activities that will be talked about for ages.

Outdoor Explorers – Stop and smell the roses. This week, campers will explore nature and our local ecosystem. We will learn about the plants and creatures all around us – day and night. Join us for a week full of discovery, as we explore the impact we can make on the environment and how our actions can make a difference.

Summer Science –  Kid scientists wanted! Put on your lab coat and find your safety goggles! This week is all about experimenting and exploring how the world works. From the rocks beneath our feet to the planets up above, we will investigate our curiosities with a variety of interesting hands-on activities.

Kids Co. Summer Olympics 2022 – During this week we will explore all things sports-related and participate in a Kids Co. Summer Olympics! Campers will get to explore all different types of sports, some classic, some unique and some completely made up! Join us as we Go for the Gold! During our own Kids Co. Summer Olympics while developing and celebrating both teamwork, as well as individual success.

It’s A Weird & Wacky World After All – Calling all kids! Join us this week as we explore new themes each day, and embrace our fun, weird and wacky sides! Days will range from Hawaiian vacation to a pirate’s cove. As we navigate this weird and wacky world around us, all are encouraged to embrace our silly sides and everyone to enjoy being their truly wonderful and unique selves!

Summer is fun at Kids Co.

Summer Camp Dates:

Week 1: June 27-July 1

Week 2: July 5- July 8; No Camp July 4

Week 3: July 11- July 15

Week 4: July 18- July 22

Week 5: July 25- July 29

Week 6: August 1- August 4; No Camp August 5

Week 7: August 8- August 12

Week 8: August 15- August 19

Week 9: August 22- August 26

Week 10: August 29- August 31

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