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At Kids Co., we believe in educating the whole kid. This means children, ages 3-12, who enroll in our programs, are treated to a curriculum that inspires wonder, curiosity, and play. We emphasize social-emotional learning, experiential activities (like field trips, specialty classes, games and sports), homework time, quiet time, and so much more!

We take the word philanthropy (literally translated from Greek as “love of all humankind”) to heart as the foundation to build rewarding relationships between the kids, teachers, and families. This means we greet families with a smile, treat the kids with kindness and respect, and train our staff to be proactive, intentional, and kid-focused on all activities.

There are many child care options in the Greater Puget Sound area, but only licensed child care organizations, like Kids Co., are contracted to provide care onsite at public schools. Yet a few things set us apart:

  1. Safety and Security: All child care teachers are CPR/1 st Aid Certified and are given two background checks (Washington State Patrol and DSHS). Fire drills are conducted monthly; earthquake drills are conducted quarterly and there are earthquake preparedness kits are at each center.
  2. Stringent and ongoing staff development: We are often early adopters of training methods that allow us to better serve our families; Kids Co. provides training to staff on topics ranging from social-emotional learning (SEL), to structural racism, to positive behavior support, to child sexual abuse prevention, to active shooter preparedness.
  3. Keeping Child Care Affordable - tuition assistance for low-income families. Kids Co. accepts DSHS and CCAP child care subsidies. For families that are ineligible for those subsidies, Kids Co. offers Schedule B tuition rates for qualifying families and the Kids Co. Scholarship Fund (application required).

These are a few of our accomplishments that we are most proud of:

  • Since opening our first center in 1989, Kids Co. has never turned a child away based solely on their family’s ability to pay. Literally millions of dollars have been awarded to financially distressed families so they can attend Kids Co. programs.
  • Since 2013, having the “Best in America Seal of Excellence” status, an honor granted to us by America’s Best Local Charities;
  • Our centers implement the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality approach that is based in positive youth development research, and the desire to create safe, supportive, and productive environments for kids;
  • Awarded 147 child care scholarships to families who could not afford the cost of tuition in FY18. Nearly 50% (74) of the recipients were from our Southeast Seattle centers – where the support is needed the most;
  • Partnered with the University of Washington Haring Center to train our staff to work with children with behavioral challenges. Kids Co. is one of very few child care organizations taking these measures and the only one who provides year-round service to kids between ages 3-12.

Learn more about Kids Co. programs below or by contacting a Kids Co. center near you today!

“Each child belongs to all of us and they will bring us a tomorrow in direct relation to the responsibility we have shown to them.” ~ Maya Angelou