Programs: Summer Day Camp 2017


For details or enrollment information contact your Program Manager
T: 206.709.8487, Email: Tops @ Kids Co.

Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.


Week 1: Into the Wild (June 28 – 30)

Did you know that there are over 40 different species of animals that are native to the Pacific Northwest? This week campers will have the chance to step into the wild as we explore different animals that originated from this amazing place we call home, the great PNW! We will also learn about animals that are endangered in the Pacific North West and what we can do to protect them.

Week 2: Masterpieces: One of a Kind Art (July 3 – 7…closed Tuesday, July 4)

This week we will be jumping into the world of art learning about artistic styles and art history through music, literacy, painting, drawing, sculpting, and much more! With everyday objects you can find around the house, we will be using the power of self-expression and create art that is one of a kind!

Week 3: Come Grow with Us: Kids Co. Gardening (July 10 – 14)

Are you ready to get outside and get your hands dirty? This week we will understand environmental awareness by learning basic gardening skills, harvesting methods, plant functions, importance of composting and much more! As a team, we will be able to grow something beautiful and grow something good to eat! Gardening is cool, magical, and always full of surprises. So get ready to sow it, grow it, eat it, and know it!

Week 4: Super Science: Let the Experimenting Begin (July 17 – 21)

Do you enjoy fascinating hands on experiments? Well you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to put your goggles and lab coats on because this week we are going to be discovering new things through trials, predictions, and observations.

Week 5: Lego Architecture: Building the World with One Brick at a Time (July 24 – 28)

Come and celebrate the past, present and future of architecture through Legos! Campers will have the chance to develop creativity, organization, problem solving skills, and understand the important principles of engineering and geometry through building. Whether you decide to construct a famous building that inspires you, a favorite Seattle landmark, or creating something completely new, know that the world is at your fingertips!

Week 6: Space Exploration (July 31 – August 3…closed Friday, August 4)

3, 2, 1…..blast off! Have you ever wondered what outer space is like? This week campers will have a chance to explore all the wonders of space by learning about our solar system, planets, constellations, stars, rockets, and amazing astronauts. Get ready to launch into space!

Week 7: Kids Co. All Stars (August 7 – 11)

SLAM DUNK! HOME RUN! TOUCH DOWN! GOAL! This week students will have the chance to demonstrate good sportsmanship and team work while being physically fit! We will have an exciting week filled with different sports, team building activities, and relay races. So come and put your best foot forward and get ready for some sporting fun!

Week 8: Food Around the World (August 14 – 18)

What’s your most favorite thing to eat? Have you ever wondered what other kids around the world eat for lunch and dinner?…or their favorite snack perhaps? This week we are going to learn about traditional foods in different cultures and areas around the world. We will also be having an ultimate Kids Co. Cooking show. So bring out your favorite recipes…let’s have fun cooking!!

Week 9: Photography Week (August 21 – 25)

Have you ever heard of the saying “A Picture is worth a thousand words?” Being behind a camera is a whole new way of looking at things. This week we will explore the basic fundamentals of photography through creative expression, new perspectives, artistic achievement and fun! Get ready to use a marvelous tool of creativity and capture fun and interesting pictures of family, friends, pets, special events, hobbies, and more!

Week 10: Magic Desktop and Games Galore (August 28 – August 31…last day of camp Thursday, August 31)

Is your playroom stocked with a variety of trivia games, board games, card games, and puzzles? Do you have a computer at home to play fun educational games? If your answer is no, not to fear! You’ve come to the right place at the right time! Our memory, listening, coordination and reading skills will definitely be on top notch as we play and try out new board and computer games!!