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Our Team’s Favorite Children’s Books

Our Team's Favorite Children's Books

Our Team’s Favorite Children’s Books

Most of us remember the excitement, the anticipation, and the joy of the day the traveling book fair came to school. We carefully looked through the catalogue, we circled our choices, and used our budding math skills to see how far our pennies would stretch.

As we reminisced on our memories of the book fair, we asked our team what their favorite children’s books are. We will continue to share our favorites throughout the year, but we hope this list inspires you to set aside time each week to read with your child. Not only does reading with your child help foster a love of reading, it’s also known to help with emotional and character development.

Our Staff’s Picks

The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

The story of a sweet, gentle bull who would rather sit and smell the flowers than run and jump and butt heads. If there was ever an illustrated character you wanted to sit with under a tree in the sunshine, Ferdinand is it. Read more about Ferdinand and his impact on the world HERE.


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett

Here in Washington, we understand that the weather can change at moment’s notice, but raining meatballs? This delightful book is bound to make you laugh, gasp, and probably want a snack. Read more about it HERE.


Island Born by Junot Diaz

A story about family, learning who you are, and the strength of memories. Lola’s journey to find out more about her family is illustrated in her imagination with the help of the stories from friends and family. This book is entertaining and memorable for anyone 2 to 102. Read more about it HERE.


Brave Irene by William Steig

The postal service has nothing on Brave Irene! After her mother is taken ill, she braves the elements to make a special delivery. She’s plucky, confident, and determined to complete her mission. You can’t help but cheer on Irene in this adorably illustrated tale of bravery. Read more about it HERE.


Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

The patron saint of mischievous little girls with confidence and a spirit of adventure. Madeline has been delighting readers of all ages since 1939. This rambunctious redhead adventures through Paris with the unwavering support of her classmates. Read more about the ever-enduring love of Madeline HERE.


The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Sharing is caring! Rainbow Fish takes great pride in his unique shiny scales but finds himself lonely when his desire to keep them all to himself leaves him with few friends. After advice from the wise starfish and octopus help puts beauty into perspective, Rainbow Fish learns that sharing and caring bring more joy than his sparkly scales. Read more about it HERE.


Corduroy by Don Freeman

An afterhours search for a button at a department store, a little girl who sees the true beauty in a slightly worn toy and a determined little bear named Corduroy all meet for a timeless adventure in this classic children’s book. Corduroy is easily one of the best-loved bears in children’s literature through his search for his forever home. Read more about it HERE.


Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

There is nothing quite like the excitement of the first snowfall of the year. This Caldecott Medal winning classic explores the first snowfall through the wonder filled eyes of a child. Read more about it HERE.


Want to read more about amazing children’s books? Time magazine compiled a list of the 100 greatest children’s books of all time! See the list HERE.

Tell us in the comments below what your family is reading right now! You might see it listed in our next book blog.