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Our Staff – Our Heroes

Kids Co. teachers do a tremendous job under challenging circumstances with very limited resources and not nearly enough appreciation.

Like storybook heroes, our teachers often have to overcome adversity, doubt, and fear, as well as find the joy and accomplishment in helping your children grow up. Every day, our frontline staff do their best to address the social-emotional needs of students, meet the expectations of parents, and bring forth quality programming that keep the kids engaged, healthy, and continually learning—all the while helping kids manage their own fears and worries.

As parents, grandparents, volunteers, or people supporting Kids Co., you have the power to honor the people teaching your kids by taking action that supports their efforts. Here are a few ways of making their job easier:

  1. Thank them every chance you get.
  2. If you are receiving Emergency Child Care, follow all of the recommended safety precautions to prevent the spread of germs. We need our Staff Heroes to stay healthy.
  3. Show your love for our Staff Heroes and donate to Kids Co. during GiveBIG on May 5 and 6! This is perfect way to honor staff during Child Care Provider Appreciation Week, May 4-8.

All proceeds will go to the Kids Co. COVID-19 Emergency Fund to help support the teachers and Emergency Child Care.

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