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Here at Kids Co. we strive to not only provide the best in affordable child care, but to also be a resource to our families. Here on our blog you will find fun, helpful and, educational content that you can share with your children.

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Kids Co. FY2022 Annual Report: GRIT

DEAR FRIENDS OF KIDS CO., We are thrilled to introduce Kids Co.’s FY22 annual report—GRIT. This past year has been a remarkable journey that can be best described in the…

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Practicing Gratitude with Your Kids

In a world where life’s demands often obscure the wonders and goodness around us, nurturing gratitude in our children presents an invaluable opportunity to cultivate their presence. Guiding them to…

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Embracing Heritage: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month as a Family

November is not only a time for falling leaves and crisp weather but also an opportunity to honor and celebrate the rich tapestry of Native American history. Native American History…

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Diwali the Festival of Light

Instilling in children an appreciation for diverse perspectives, traditions, and ways of life is of utmost significance as it nurtures their capacity to cultivate empathy and foster a profound respect…

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Nine Halloween Safety Tips to Keep it Happy, Not Hair-Raising

Halloween is a time for ghosts and goblins, princes and princesses, and anything else your child can dream up. Let’s keep this night fun and safe for all. Here are…

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Fun Fall Activities in the Seattle Area

Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, and Salmon, Oh my! Fall in the Pacific Northwest offers a myriad of fun activities all year round, but the fall is particularly festive. The abundance…

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A Journey toward Community-Centric Fundraising

A Primer on Community-Centric Fundraising If you are tuned into the nonprofit scene in Seattle, you have probably heard the term “Community-Centric Fundraising.” The goal of the Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF)…

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A full day of meals for Hispanic Heritage Month

In the Hispanic culture food is a gathering point. It’s not just about filling your belly with good eats, but it’s also a chance to connect with friends and family…

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5 Fun Ways to Get Active

Being active is important for physical AND mental health. Getting active with your family can bring you closer and help build healthier habits. While organized sports, gym memberships, and fitness…

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Hispanic Artists Who Made History

Across the globe, Hispanic artists have masterfully wielded color, light, texture, and composition to convey their rich cultures and life experiences. Renowned artists from Spain, Mexico, South America, and Cuba…

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Hispanic History Makers

From astronauts to botanists to writers and activists Hispanic pioneers have left their indelible mark on history of every field of study. Their accomplishments are great and their stories are…

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5 Great Children’s Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, from September 15th to October 15th, we celebrate the histories, cultural traditions, and contributions of Hispanic Americans and their ancestors.  Children’s books, with relatable characters and stories, are…

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