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Kids Co. Summer Camps 2023

Fees & Information:

  • Summer Registration Fee: $50, non-refundable
  • Current/Returning Families: FAMILY PORTAL
  • Weekly Tuition: $400 per week (4 or 5 days)
  • Program Hours: 8 AM-5 PM
  • Ages: 5 – 12 years (5 year old’s must be entering kindergarten)
  • 2 week cancellation notice required, no credits/refunds if less than 2 weeks’ notice
  • No credit/refunds for missed days including, but not limited to: sick days, program closures due to weather or health-related causes, family vacations, etc.

Express Yourself

Focus Area: Emotional Literacy and the Arts

Campers will explore multiple media for self-expression through art. Campers will try painting, modeling with clay, acting, sketching/drawing, dancing, and more. We will learn about new ways to express emotions. Whether it’s goofy, joy, frustration, love, etc., kids who attend this week of camp, will learn ways to explore and express themselves through creative arts.

Farm to Table

Focus Area: Healthy Foods and Cooking

This week is all about good eats! Campers will have the chance to put on their chef hats and create easy, healthy meals and snacks. Each day we’ll explore a new menu, learn about cooking tools and techniques, and explore where our food comes from – local farms, markets, restaurants, and bakeries. Bring your appetites for a week of food fun!

Maker’s Week

Focus Area: Problem Solving and Imagination

If you could make anything, what would it be? This week is all about creation and thinking outside the box. We will use our imaginations and problem solving skills as we explore a variety of tools and mediums to develop your ideas, a create plan and put your plan action. By the end of the week you’ll make your imagination come to life.

Full STEM Ahead Focus Area: STEM

This is the week for all curious and inquisitive campers! We’ll spend this week experimenting and testing out our questions and ideas. This week we’ll answer our important questions like, what if we… and how about we try… and what would happen if… and so many more. If you ever wonder how something works, love to test new ideas or want to see how something would turn out, this is the camp for you! This is a hands on, sensory filled, week of experimenting fun.

Unique Instruments

Focus Area: Music, Sound, and the Arts

Do you love music? Do you love to create? This week is all about music and creativity! You have the chance to make your own instruments out of household materials, such as water bottles, shoe boxes, paper towel rolls… the sky is the limit! Plus learn about and hear music from different cultures and how that can influence mood, creativity, body movement and so much more. Bonus, include your new instruments/art in a talent show at the end of the week.


Focus Area: Visual Representation/Observation/Composition

Use the camera to let your vision come to life! Campers will learn how to frame, stage, and shoot everything from still life to portraits to landscapes while also exploring beyond the camera. This week is all about learning the history of photography and the evolution of the camera using and developing new skills, and of course taking pictures!

Fashion Week

Focus Area: Design and Art

Have you ever wanted to design your own clothing? Perhaps knit or crochet? Do various fabrics and patterns catch your eye? Campers will have opportunities to explore different textile mediums that are fun and easy to pull together to create fun fashion forward looks or made by hand to use or give as gifts. We’ll also learn about different fashions trends and textile creation throughout history!

Nature and Beyond

Focus Area: Nature/Outdoors

Come and explore with us as we engage in fun outdoor challenges, nature games, scavenger hunts, nature journaling, and so much more. The week will be packed with fun activities that will activate our survival skills, enhance our observational skills, and further develop our love of nature while exploring the great outdoors!

Galaxy Quest

Focus Area: Exploring our galaxy and space

Do you dream about the great beyond? Do you wish to travel to space and explore? Then this is the camp for you! Campers will learn about the galaxy and engage in fun hands on projects such as making galaxy-inspired Oobleck, starlight slime, and constellation playdough. The sky is the limit as we explore space and the galaxies beyond!

Under the Sea

Focus Area: Marine biology, oceanography, and geological make up.

Did you know that our earth is covered with beautiful oceans? Have you ever wondered about the Creatures of the deep blue sea? Do you want to know about the great wonders of the underwater kingdoms? Join us as we explore, experiment, and take a deep dive into the knowledge of our oceans. Get the sense of what it’s like being a marine biologist and what it’s like to be a creature living in the deep blue sea!

8 Weeks of Summer Camp. Dates/Locations Below:

Week 1: July 10- July 14

Week 2: July 17- July 21

Week 3: July 24- July 28

Week 4: July 31- August 4

Week 5: August 7- August 10; No Camp August 11

Week 6: August 14- August 18

Week 7: August 21- August 25

Week 8: August 28- August 31; No Camp September 1

Summer Camp Locations:

  • Adams (Ballard)
  • Cascadia (Northgate)
  • Cedar Park (Lake City)
  • Decatur (Wedgwood)
  • Graham Hill (Seward Park)
  • Queen Anne (N. Queen Anne)
  • Magnolia (Magnolia)
  • McDonald (Green Lake/Wallingford)
  • South Shore (Rainier Beach)