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Kids Co. Summer Camp – Helping Families Balance Work and Kids

Parenting in the time of COVID has hit many families hard. Frequently I hear from parents on the many Zoom meetings I’m in that it is a struggle balancing child care with work demands, never mind home schooling. With school coming to an end, the balancing act is still in full swing.

  • For parents that don’t have the flexibility of working from home, work and parenting are on in direct conflict with each other ALL in the midst of health and safety fears because of COVID-19. Then add that child care options are minimal, if any, when you are torn about leaving your child in someone else’s care during a pandemic.
  • For parents that do have the flexibility to work from home, taking care of their kids while trying to do their job, creates pressure that in order to focus on your work, you are ignoring your children. If you are focused on your kids, your work suffers or you work late into the night after the kids are in bed because that’s the only time when you can focus on work – leaving parents exhausted the next day.

Even during this time of COVID-19, Kids Co. has a solution to help families actually balance work and family – Kids Co.’s summer camp and preschool.

On July 6th Kids Co. Summer Camp will open at 6 of our child care locations:

Kids Co. at Graham Hill also has a preschool (for kids 3-5) up and running if you have little ones at the house.

Structure and routine is good for all of us and especially for kids. Kids Co. provides that and much more.

Our hours of operations are attuned to working parents, with open doors Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. For our school age kids, Kids Co. is participating in Seattle Public Schools Summer Staircase, which is an opportunity to support your child’s success in school next year.

Check us out. Enroll today. Scholarships available.

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