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Kids Co.’s Statement of Solidarity

To our beloved Kids Co. community,

Our heart is heavy in our shared grief over the senseless killing of George Floyd that ignited the events of this weekend. George Floyd and the countless others who were killed or persecuted simply because of the color of their skin are a part of our collective history that we must prevent from happening in our collective future. Racism, hate, intolerance, privilege, and fear, are never an excuse to take a human life.
Each of us has a responsibility to examine our own biases, reflect on how we perpetuate stereotypes, AND to stand up against racism and injustice, whenever and wherever it appears – especially when it’s hard.

Kids Co. stands firm in our belief that social justice is worth fighting for, that human dignity is a right, not a privilege, and we share in the work to create a more just and equitable community for all our kids. We implore you to join us in this struggle for freedom and justice for all.

Kids Co. will do our part for our kids, our families, our staff, and our community. Click here for resources on what you can do.

In solidarity with those standing up and raising their voices for change,

Kids Co. Leadership Team


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