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International Communicate with Your Kids Day

The secret is communication. Today is International Communicate with Your Kid Day.

To some, this may sound redundant. “Shouldn’t we already be talking with our children on an everyday basis?” Well, yes, hopefully you are talking with your child daily. However, this day is to focus on HOW you are communicating with your child. On this first week of the holiday season, the goal is to promote and spread awareness about the importance of communicating effectively and positively with your children.


Communication is the key to success in any relationship and life development, which is why this day is a nice reminder to instill this practice into your everyday life. A relationship between a child and their guardian is shaped around their effective communication skills. Just like with anything else in life, practice makes progress. Strong communications skills will not be developed over night; they become more productive and successful with time and effort.


One simple way to effectively communicate with one another is by being present. It is so easy to become distracted by the little things in life; therefore, we must actively LISTEN and UNDERSTAND while engaging in conversation. An easy way to be in the moment is to minimize distractions. Things like putting phones away and turning off the computer or television help immensely.  In doing so, you show the intention to be present with each other, that you are paying attention, and that you care.


Another simple way to strengthen communication is by setting aside time to have quality conversations. Whether it is 5 minutes or 15 minutes, you acknowledge the importance of what the other person has to say. Sitting down at the table with your kids while you have a meal and sharing what happened during your days is a simple and easy way to add this time into your day.


Utilizing certain games that your child might enjoy is also a great way to help boost their communication skills. Games like Pictionary, Charades, and Scrabble are great for critical thinking, vocabulary development, and overall communication, along with being a fun way to spend quality time together.


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