Playing. Learning. Experimenting. Discovering.
Testing Boundaries. Getting Hugs. Making Friends.
Expanding Minds and Hearts!

Get On Board and Make A Donation!

OUR GOAL: $4,000

By participating in Get On The Bus Kids Co. will be able to ensure:

  • Field Trip Abundance: imagine museums, sporting events, parks, and monuments—the sky is the limit.
  • Real World Learning & Access: kids have access to a wide variety of tools and environments that help expand their knowledge.
  • Socio-Emotional Growth: real world learning, such as going to an art museum, increases empathy, tolerance, and critical thinking skills.
  • Academic Impact: field trips based learning can result in greater achievement in ALL subjects.
  • FUN: many kids will tell you, the BEST part of the day is Field Trip Time! They are FUN!