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DIY Musical Instruments Are Fun And Educational

Whether you are two or 102, music is good for us all!

Music has been shown in multiple studies to help with children’s development. It is shown to aid in motor skill development, language development and overall literacy. It also has been shown to help the mind and body work together!

With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter , we thought making your own musical instruments would be a great way to spend the time inside. A DIY project that will not only be fun but help with creative skill development and lead to your very own family band!

Do you have leftover plastic Easter eggs or balloons from a birthday party? Try making Balloon Drums or egg Maracas HERE. 



Put leftover straws to use by making a set of singing straws HERE.

Cereal boxes frequently have activities on them already, but this upcycling hack will have you and your kids rocking out to your favorite tunes! Learn to make a cereal box guitar HERE.

Looking for a fun way to demonstrate how different objects have different sounds? Grab some of those extra mason jars from the kitchen and try putting different things in them  to make sound and sensory jars. Need some help getting started? Check them out HERE.

We hope you and your family enjoy making these fun and educational instruments together! Looking to learn more about music and childhood development check out the links below!

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