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Child Care for the Essential Workforce – Who’s Paying For It?

Like my past three posts, COVID-19 is the focus. I am so proud of the Kids Co. frontline teachers. They are caring for the kids of the essential workforce, free-of-charge, Monday thru Friday. We were asked to provide this service from the Governor and are honored to be proactive in the fight against this pandemic. Our challenge is the cost. We have a triple financial challenge:

  1. The loss of tuition-based income due to the closure of our 15 regularly run programs
  2. The cancellation of our major fundraiser
  3. Providing free care to the kids of the essential workforce

I had the pleasure of talking to Ashley Gross of KNKX about this last Friday. Please take a minute and listen to her newscast.

I’m also personally asking you to support our efforts by making a donation to Kids Co.’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund. All proceeds support free child care to combat the disease and save lives.

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