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Kids Co. at TOPS: 2018 Summer Day Camp


Join us at TOPS for an amazing Summer Camp experience!  Bring your passport and explore with us through Science, Engineering, Sports, and Art all Summer Camp long!  Our Science experiments will give your child hands on learning experiences and our Art projects will provide them with a creative outlet.  We will play the Sports your child loves and they will learn lots of new games as well.  Our summer camp is smaller than many so your child will have the opportunity to develop great relationships with fellow campers and staff.  We look forward to seeing you this summer and please reach out if you have any questions!

For details or enrollment information contact your Program Manager 
T: 206.709.8487, Email: Please use the form below.

Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.

Week 1: Super Hear HQ (June 26-29)

Everyone wants to be a super hero. Join our league of extraordinary friends to battle the forces of evil. Using our powers for good, we will create secret identities and our own unique costumes. We will make cookies and bring them to some real heroes at the fire station. Our week will be filled with adventures that will test our super abilities.

Week 2: Space Odyssey (July 2-6, CLOSED for Wed July 4)

Have you wanted to travel to the stars? This week we will be exploring the farthest reaches of our imaginations. Our adventures will include building and launching rockets, a moon rock hunt, a dry ice comet, and a field trip to the Pacific Science Center Planetarium. Grab your helmet and get ready to blast off!

Week 3: Ooey Gooey Science (July 9-13)

Come join us as we explore the messy side o science and get our hands dirty making slime, painting with food, and maybe even some home made quicksand.

Week 4: Build It, Break It (July 16-20)

Get ready for a week of designing and building. Our fledgling architects will be creating buildings, going on an architecture scavenger hunt, getting inspiration from the world around them, and building fantastic structures. We will design everything from tree houses, towers, and maybe the Seattle of the future

Week 5: Game On! (July 23-27)

Get your game face on with a week of gaming adventures. We will learn many new games create our own games, play wacky versions of our favorite classics, and challenge other Kids Co’s to some gaming action!

Week 6: Aspiring Artist (July 30-Aug 2 CLOSED Aug 3)

Explore your creative side as we create our own masterpieces. We will have a guest artist come help us bring our imaginations to life. Our journey will let us use all types of mediums, get our hands dirty creating sculptures, painting, and mixed media. The week will end with an Art Show where all our hard work will be on display for friends and family.

Week 7: Road Side Treasure (Aug 6-10)

We will be exploring the things that make our world unique! Discover places in Seattle you never know existed as well as rediscover places we see every day. We will fly kites at Gas Works Park, and have a scavenger hunt at the Seattle Center, Get your maps and cameras ready to become a tourist in your home town.

Week 8: Kitchen Science (Aug 13-17)

Did you know you can get a hard-boiled egg out of its shell using only air? This week our young scientists will explore all of the incredible things we can do with household ingredients. We will make a dry ice comet, make our own ink, milk into plastic, and even a day of “eggsperiments”. Our budding scientists will have a blast using food to inspire wonder.

Week 9: Symphony of the Sense (Aug 20-24)

It is time to put our senses to the test! This week we will challenge our noses and taste buds with blindfolded taste tests, use our ears to listen to and create music. Our eyes will be tricked with amazing optical illusions and our sense of touch will explore the world around us in fun new ways. Five days of fun fit for our five senses!

Week 10:Adventure (Aug 27-30 CLOSED Aug 31)

Join us for a week of our favorite stories coming to life. On our journey, we will build our own ginger bread houses, plant magic beans, write our own twisted tales, and have a Humpty Dumpty egg drop. A master story teller will come to captivate our imaginations and take us on a magical journey.

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