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Kids Co. at Northwood: 2018 Summer Day Camp


For details or enrollment information contact your Program Manager 
T: 206.519.2709, Email: Please use the form below.

Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.

Week 1: Adventureland (June 19 – 22…closed Monday, June 18th)

Join us on adventure! Create your own (fun) monsters and decide for yourself where they live and play. Everyday we’ll take a look at fairytales from around the world and create some of our own

Week 2: Space Odyssey (June 25 – 29)

All kinds of activities about science and outer space. Fun field trips and creative activities around the final frontier of space

Week 3: Aspiring Artists  (July 2 – 6…closed Wednesday, July 4th)

There’s a little Miro in all of us. This week we’ll study the world around and explore our inner creative selves using a wide range of artistic media

Week 4: Sports of All Sorts  (July 9 – 13)

A whole week of play! Learn new sports and play the favorites you already know. We will focus on building friendships and teamwork as kids learn what takes to be a good sport

Week 5: Gizmos and Gadgets (July 16 – 20)

Design and build fun and simple machines that actually walk, climb and throw. Kids will learn easy computer code and dig into what makes things tick.

Week 6: Symphony of the Senses (July 23 – July 27)

Five days to discover your five senses. Kids will have a chance to build on their world of taste, smell, touch, hear, and see with projects and activities each day.

Week 7: Ooey Gooey Science (July 28 – August 2…closed Friday, August 3rd)

Get ready to get messy! Fun science experiments all day that really give kids the chance to test ideas and play with science.

Week 8: Crafty Kids (August 6- 10)

Brainstorm, design, and make amazing creations after making your own clothing brand. Jerseys, fashion, costumes, and so much more! As head designer, you will get to make the call on fabrics and style.

Week 9:  Build It, Break It  (August 13 – 17)

All around us, people are building useful things both large and small. Kids will have a chance to see how it all comes together from robots to skyscrapers. There will be opportunities to build and tinker your way to the next great invention.

Week 10: Game on (August 20 – 24)

We all love to play so join us this week and get your game on. Have fun designing and discovering new games, take part in friendly tournaments, and help produce a Kids Co. game show.

Week 11:  A Week to Celebrate (August 27 – 29…Last day of Camp Thursday August 30th – closed Friday the 31st)

The world is full of amazing and meaningful celebrations. Join us to explorer some of the wonderful sounds, food, and culture that make them unique. We will also create a fun carnival to celebrate the end of a great summer.

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