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Kids Co. at McDonald: 2018 Summer Day Camp


For details or enrollment information contact your Program Manager 
T: 206.633.0333, Email: Please use the form below.

Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.

Week 1: Roadside Treasures (June 26- June 29th) 

GPS treasure hunts to find a cache or go on fun field trips to find secrets within the city. This is a chance to seek out new places, explore their mysteries within, and have an all-out adventure.

Week 2: Game On (July 2-6th), CLOSED July 4th  

We all love to play games so join us this week and get your Game On. Have fun using your imagination by designing and playing new games.

Week 3: Hero HQ (July 9-13th) 

Do you have the makings of a superhero? Create your own superhero and have fun exploring the art of the superhero-dom. Activate your inner-hero and participate in saving the world!

Week 4: Ooey Gooey Science (July 16-20th) 

This could get messy! Science experiments all day long that give kids the chance to test ideas, fine-tune critical thinking skills, and try something new.

Week 5: Sports of All Sorts (July 23-27th) 

A whole week of play! Learn new sports and play favorites you already know. The focus is on friends–not fouls–as kids learn what makes a good sport.

Week 6: Space Odyssey (July 30- August 3rd), CLOSED August 3rd 

Fun field trips and creative activities around the final frontier of space! This camp ignites kids’ curiosity by providing innovative, hands-on field trip activities and summer camp experiences.

Week 7: Kitchen Science (August 6-10th)

Lots of fun making tasty meals while learning about the food we eat and the science behind it. Dig into the science of all the food on our plates!

Week 8: Crafty Kids (August 13-17th) 

Design, engineer, make, and even wear some of your best creations. There is science behind design and Crafty Kids is prepared to lead kids down the path of DIY and more!

Week 9: Build It, Break It (August 20-24th) 

Build It, Break It offers opportunities to design and build. Kids have a chance to see what makes objects come to life, whether it’s houses, robots, computers, cars, or skyscrapers.

Week 10: A Week to Celebrate (August 27 – 31st), CLOSED August 31st

The world is full of special celebrations and we’ll build activities around as many as we can fit into a week including inventing a few of our own!

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