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Kids Co. at Graham Hill: 2018 Summer Day Camp


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Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.

Week 1: Crafty Kids Summer Camp (June 26- 29)

Summer Campers will be able to explore the world of fashion through textiles, sewing and designing our their very own clothing and accessories. Let’s get crafty and set the new trend. A fashion show will end our week where we will be able to show off our stylin’ new designs and creations.

Week 2: Ooey Gooey Science Summer Camp ( July 2-6)

Get your hands dirty in lots of ooey gooey science. Are you ready to explore through observations, predictions and trails? Summer Campers will have the opportunity to test concepts and play with lots of science. Lets get sticky and messy with glow in the dark slime, homemade silly putty and dancing oobleck. Lots of engineering and science all week long.

Week 3: A Week to Celebrate Summer Camp (July 9-13)

Join us as we celebrate different traditions the world has to offer. Students will spend this week examining what it takes to change the world and how each of us can make a difference. We will explore the work of Bill and Melinda Gates and take a visit to their foundations headquarters in the heart of Seattle.

Week 4: Sports of All Sorts Summer Camp (July 16-20)

Everyone wins by learning how to be a good sport! This week we will host our very own Olympic Games. Summer campers will learn new sports, playing popular sports and creating our own sports. The Olympics will include team building games, tournaments, brain teasers and more. Let the games begin!

Week 5: Kitchen Science Summer Camp (July 23-27)

Graham Hill Summer Campers are you ready to put your culinary skills to the test? Put your aprons on and get ready to face off South Shore Campers in a Chopped Challenge. Experiment with kitchen ingredients to prepare a spectacular two course meal consisting of an entrée and desert. Take a trip to our neighborhood PCC to explore ingredients and partake in a cooking class.

Week 6: Spy Kids Summer Camp (July 30- August 3)

Get ready for a laser beam obstacle course that will have Spy Campers twisting and turning their way to secret treasures. Put your thinking caps and spy goggles on and be prepared to solve the “mystery” (you won’t know until you arrive.)

Week 7: Roadside Treasures Summer Camp (August 6-10)

Take a marvelous road trip around the world! Our journey will include a chance to be a tourist in our very own city. We will be sightseeing historical places, going on treasure hunts and adventures outside of Kids Co. Summer campers are you ready to explore?

Week 8: Game On Sports Summer Camp (August 13-17)

Let the games begin! The best part of game on is spending time playing and competing with friends. Summer campers will have fun challenging one another in tournaments and Kids Co. will host it’s very own game show at the end of the week. Sports, Sports and more sports!

Week 9: Build it Break it Summer Camp (August 20-24)

Can you imagine building a car out of legos or a rocket ship out of reusable materials? Summer Campers will take on the role of inventors, what once seemed impossible is not possible all you have to do is put your mind to it and let the creativity flow. Put your engineering skills to the test.

Week 10: Space Odyssy Summer Camp (August 27-31)

3,2,1, BLAST OFF into space we go! We will learn about planets, conduct experiments and engineer plants of our very own.  Learning about the stars and constellations will be part of our space adventure. Take on science experiments all about outer space.

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