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Kids Co. at Adams: 2018 Summer Day Camp


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Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.

Week 1: Hero HQ (June 26-29…CLOSED June 25)

Grab your capes and get ready for action! This week, students will share their love of superheroes through drama games, comic creations, and active play.  Students will also learn about what makes a real-life hero by meeting some of the men and women who work to protect our local communities every day.

Week 2: Game On! (July 2-6…CLOSED July 4)

Let the games begin! During this week, students will have the opportunity to play unique board games, group games, and gym games while also having the opportunity to create their own games and sports!  Kids will try their hands at bowling, ping pong, and more during a visit to the HUB game center.

Week 3: Roadside Treasures  (July 9-13)

Buckle up for an exciting week of Kids Co. adventures! This week, students will explore roadside treasures from all around the globe through a variety of engineering, art, sports, and food activities!  Kids will explore some of Seattle’s roadside attractions up close and also ride on the Washington State Ferries as we take a journey to Bainbridge Island.

Week 4: Crafty Kids  (July 16-20)

This week, we will be jumping into the world of art, learning about artistic styles and art history through music, literacy, painting, drawing, sculpting, and much more! With everyday objects you can find around the house, we will be using the power of self-expression to create art that is one of a kind!

Week 5: Sports of All Sorts  (July 23-27)

Lace up those tennis shoes and climb that food pyramid! This week is all about health, fitness, and sports.  Students will participate in various games to get their hearts pumping and refuel afterwards with healthy snacks.  Through a variety of art, building, cooking projects and more, students will not only learn the importance of good food and exercise; students will go home begging to eat their broccoli and play outside!

Week 6: Build it, Break it  (July 30-August 2…CLOSED August 3)

Put on your hardhats and join us for a week of engineering fun! This week students will learn about great architects and inventors in our community and put their newfound knowledge to the test by experimenting with their own Lego, sand, and wood creations!   Students will even have a chance to create and test their own model boats at the Center for Wooden Boats!

Week 7:  Space Odyssey  (August 6-10)

3, 2, 1, Blast off! This week, kids will experience an array of STEM activities, art, and sports that will teach them about the wonders of space!  To add to the excitement, kids will step aboard a retired Air Force One plane and look inside a real space shuttle during their visit to the Museum of Flight.  Join us this week for an experience that is truly out of this world!

Week 8: Adventureland  (August 13-17)

Dive into a world of magic and whimsy! This week at summer camp, students will discover their spirit of adventure through hands-on activities and field trips.  Students will dodge dragons and jump over lava pits in our own Kids Co. obstacle courses and then practice their creativity by creating unique worlds and creatures of their own.  Bring your imaginations for an adventurous week at Kids Co.!

Week 9: Aspiring Artists  (August 20-24)

Let your inner artist shine during this week of creative expression! This week, kids will practice expressing themselves through dance, theater, painting, and more!  There will never be a dull moment as we explore art in all of its forms.  To add excitement to this week, students will get dance lessons from some of Seattle’s finest!

Week 10: A Week to Celebrate  (August 27-31…CLOSED August 31)

Let’s celebrate together as we end an exciting summer camp and jump into a fun new school year! This week, students will explore celebrations from around the world through dance, music, crafts and more.  To top it all off, students will learn about the 1962 World’s Fair and participate in their own fair–a Kids Co. Penny Carnival Celebration!  Join us for this last week of summer and your kids will be sure to have a ball!

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