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Back-to-School Tips for A Successful Start to the Year

Back to School Tips

Back-to-School Tips for A Successful Start to the Year

The start of the new school year is always cause for excitement! It’s also a big change to routines for both kids and parents. To help keep the beginning of the school year fun and not frightful, we have a list of tips to keep the whole family happy.

New and Nervous

Many children get nervous about unknown situations. This can include a change of teacher, classroom, or maybe they are going to a whole new school. This doesn’t just happen for children new to school. This can happen for students of all ages. Before school kicks off, take some time to do something fun with your child that will also give you time to chat. Maybe take a walk,  make a picnic and sit together outside. Take this time to ask them what they are most excited for and if they are nervous about anything. This gives you a dedicated time to let them know it’s natural to be nervous and you can talk through it together.

Sleep Schedules

School year hours may vary widely from summer hours. Get your kids started early on their bedtime and wake-up routine! Adjusting wake-up times by 15-30 minutes for one to two weeks before classes start can help everyone have a happier morning when they need to get to class on time.

A Place for Learning

Depending on the age of your child they may start coming home with homework sooner rather than later. Have your child help pick a dedicated study spot in your home. Let them decorate, pick up supplies and even put their name on it so they know it’s their special spot. Children who help in the creation of their space are more likely to be excited to use it.

Do You Have a Bus Buddy?

For children taking the bus for the first time it can be a daunting experience. Consider meeting up with one of your child’s neighborhood friends a few minutes before the bus arrives so they can sit together. They can then support each other and help each other start the day off on the right foot.

Make meal times count

Take some time over a meal to talk about your family’s day – what did you enjoy the most and the least, what do you look forward to. Engaging in these conversations regularly with your child will help everyone understand each other better and give your child something to look forward to at the end of the day. The more consistent these conversations are, the more likely you are to avoid the dreaded, “nothing!”, when asking your child what they learned today.

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