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Are you ready?

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month!

Are you ready?

The 2001 Nisqually earthquake occurred at 10:54:32 local time on February 28, 2001. I quickly left to check on our Kids Co. preschool kids at Adams Elementary which is near the office. To my surprise, when I got to the center all the kids were playing and the teachers were engaged with the kids. All was calm. I was so perplexed that I asked the program manager if they felt the earthquake. She smiled and shared with me that because they conduct monthly earthquake drills for disaster preparedness, the kids and staff, were prepared, did what they practiced, and when the threat was over, went back to their normal day. I was so proud of everyone at Kids Co. that day. Our kids and staff were prepared, not scared.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We have mountains, the ocean, lakes, rivers, and forests. With all that beauty, if a natural disaster should occur, there are many potential hazards that are threats to our health and safety. Fire, flooding, collapsed bridges – you name it, it could happen.

In the past, conventional knowledge advised having 3-days of emergency supplies in an emergency supply kit. New knowledge considers the area in which you live, and for the Puget Sound, 7-days of emergency supplies is recommended.

Please join Kids Co. in being “prepared, not scared.” At all of our centers, we will be providing tools and information, including an emergency kit checklist and preparedness plans, to our kids and families so they can be prepared at home. Follow us on social media for “how to prepare” and “survival” information directly from FEMA, The Federal Emergency Management Agency hosting National Preparedness Month.

We are also launching an online fundraising campaign in October so Kids Co. can build up our 3-days of emergency supplies to 7-days.

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