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2021 – Here We Come and We’re Ready For Fun!

Importance of Games During the Pandemic

Kids Co. is super fortunate to have terrific friends and supporters like Lyla Ross and John Morris, owners of Mox Boarding House. Their stores are family focused with loads of games that teach, help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, but most importantly, bring families together to play and have fun. Board games shouldn’t be left to chance or opportunity. Board games are best when they become a regular part of your life.

Benefits to Playing Board Games

According to the board game experts at Bead Game, there are 8 reasons why you should play board games:

  1. Board game playing increases brain function
  2. It brings laughter and decreases stress
  3. Board game playing creates more happiness
  4. It brings people closer and strengthens relationships
  5. It reminds what it’s like to live in a real world (kind of)
  6. Playing board game lowers blood pressure
  7. It teaches how to set goals and be patient
  8. Board games enhance creativity and self-confidence

Click here to read more about the benefits of playing board games.

Mox Boarding House Has Games and Gives

Over the Christmas holiday my family played Pandemic and Timeline Events. Playing Pandemic, we saved humanity and eradicated viruses from the world together as a team. While playing Timeline Events, we put our knowledge of historical events to the test by placing events cards in chronological order. Both games were super fun. And both games gave my family the gift of time together.

Mox Has More to Give Than Great Games

Thanks to the Mox Boarding House’s Virtual Giving Tree, they are giving the gift of safe, quality child care to families who need the care most. Providing child care during a pandemic is challenging and costly due to all of the health and safety protocols that are needed to provide safe care. Kids Co. has been providing this vital service to health care professionals’ and first responders’ kids, and for the kids furthest away from educational justice since the March 2020. Join in the effort to fight COVID-19 and make a donation to Kids Co. so they can continue to take care of kids now and beyond the pandemic.

2021 – Here we come and we’re ready for fun!

Tabletop gaming information from Mox Boarding House

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