Kids Co. at McDonald: 2017 Summer Day Camp


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Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.

Week 1: Construction Week (June 28 – 30)

Put on your hardhat and get ready for 3 days of tinkering, building, and designing! Kids Co. will be welcoming summer fun by building structures, competing in design challenges, and learning about safety.  With everyday materials like straws, Popsicle sticks, and cups, campers will put their heads together to engineer tall towers and build bridges.

Week 2: Ooey Gooey Experiments (July 3 – 7…closed Tuesday, July 4)

Prepare yourself to get messy! This week, Kids Co. will be transforming into a hands on, Ooey Gooey Science Lab. Campers will be getting elbow deep in slippery slime and wiggly worms. If our on-site experiments just aren’t oozing enough, kids can further explore their inner scientist during our field trip to the Pacific Science Center.

Week 3: Abracadabra (July 10 – 14)

Hocus-pocus; alakazam!  Family and friends will be applauding with their hats off to Kids Co.’s marvelous magicians at the end of Abracadabra week. You will be pulling out your hare trying to figure out how these tricksters performed their illusions. We can’t reveal all our magician’s secrets that campers will learn, but here is a glimpse: card tricks, basic illusions, and take home trick sets.

Week 4: Kids Co. Bake Off (July 17 – 21)

Save space in your stomach for an extra slice of fun this week!  Kids Co. campers will be making anything but crummy recipes. From baking pastries to cooking cuisine from around the world, campers will learn an assortment of cooking skills to make healthy and mouthwatering dishes. Every day will feature a different type of cuisine, and kids will bring home a recipe book of all their creations at the end of the week. Make reservations for the tastiest week of summer camp, because we are expecting some master chefs!

Week 5: Fitness Extravaganza (July 24 – 28)

Lace up your sneakers and get ready for a variety of sports-related games focusing on physical fitness. From lawn relays to yoga, we are looking for campers with lots of energy and a can-do attitude. Campers will even get to see how the pros do it with a field trip to a local Mariners game.  At the end our fitness extravaganza week, Kids Co. will host an award ceremony for all of our participants.

Week 6: Outdoor Fun (July 31 – August 3…closed Friday, August 4)

Do your kiddos love the smell of fresh air and the cool summer breeze on their face? Then this week is for them! Campers will spend time on the school playground, at local parks, and will be taking a field trip to the Center for Wooden Boats. Giving kids a taste of the thrilling, fulfilling outdoors; we hope to create adventure enthusiasts as well as environmental stewards out of them all.

Week 7: Say Cheese!!! (August 7 – 11)

Campers will capture the most candid moments of summer during photography week at Kids Co.. They will stay focused on basic photography skills such as perspective, lighting, and framing. There will also be interactive projects that will give campers a snapshot of photography practice, such as a photo scavenger hunt, multimedia photo art, sidewalk chalk portraits, and exploring the outdoors through a new lens in landscape photography.

Week 8: Fun in the Sun (August 14 – 18)

Fun in the Sun is the perfect choice for kids that have a variety of interests! Kids Co. campers will have countless activities to choose from, including, but not limited to; water balloon tosses, craft projects, games, and much more… Join us if you are looking for a fun and sun filled week of adventure. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Week 9: Take a Bow (August 21 – 25)

Talent show week at Kids Co. is the perfect time to choreograph a dance to your favorite song, write your own play, or try stand-up comedy. Whatever your talent may be, lose yourself in the fun as we take part in theatrical and musical themed activities to practice for our big talent show at the end of the week. We will also take a trip to MoPOP (formerly EMP) for a visit!

Week 10: Monsters, Aliens, and Mythical Creatures (August 28 – 31…last day of camp Thursday, August 31)

Once upon a time, there were rumors of invaders at McDonald’s Kids Co.! It was debated whether these invaders were monsters, aliens, or zombies but it is up to this summer’s Kids Co. campers to crack the mystery. Learn all you can from mythical themed activities and group games like alien invasion, then get out there and catch those invaders!