Kids Co. on Mercer Island: 2017 Summer Day Camp

On Site at Northwood Elementary

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Disclaimer: Weekly Dates and Themes subject to change.

Week 1: Heroes and Villians (June 21 – 23)

This week we will kick off Summer by spending time getting to know one another through fun team building group games and projects. We will also be learning more about our favorite super heroes and villains while exploring how their characteristics can make our kids everyday heroes.

Week 2: Building a Business (June 26 – 30)

Creating a business is a ton of Fun at Kids Co. Kids will join together to make a business, come up with a name, design a logo, and create their own currency to give share with the rest of the kids. Then they will do some market research by learning the interests of the other kids. Finally, they will decide on a product, create it, and open their very own store front. Building a business has the kids focus on dramatic play, peer communication, arts, and lots of creativity.

Week 3: Fine Arts Camp (July 3 – 7…closed Tuesday, July 4)

We will discuss it all, from Jackson Pollock to the street artists that we all see on our adventures throughout cities we have had the opportunity to explore. Fine arts week will focus on the different mediums that these people use to create their masterpieces.  We will look at examples from various artists and provide the supplies to see amazing works of art our little budding artists will create.

Week 4: World Tastes (July 10 – 14)

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at rolling your own sushi or tasting a food from another country? World tastes week will give us a chance to explore other cultures through eating their food and talking about their culture all while on our own city of Mercer Island.

Week 5: The Great Outdoors (July 17 – 21)

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  This week we will be exploring the great outdoors and what the beautiful pacific northwest has to offer.  We will learn how to identify different plants and animals as well as learn some different types of survival skills like how to create a shelter as well as some simple first aid.

Week 6: Construct It Week (July 24 – July 28)

Building is the name of the game this week as kids try their hand at construction and design activities. There will be small scale projects using LEGOs and paper crafts. The large project for the week will see the kids taking the roll of architects and construction workers as they build a town in the gym large enough for them to play in.

Week 7: All Sorts of Sports (July 31 – August 3…closed Friday, August 4)

Ready, settey, get sweaty!  Remember your water bottle this week because we will be running, jumping, and shooting hoops. We will spend time learning more about popular and unusual sports. Kids will even have the chance to create their own sports. Who knows, maybe create the next professional sport.

Week 8: Scientific Survey (August 7 – 11)

This is a wonderful week for kids to dabble in a variety of scientific disciplines. There will be reactions from chemistry, we will learn about our local plants from botany, using physics to save an egg from a large fall and much more. Our goal is to give get kids asking questions and trying to find the answers about the world around them.

Week 9: With My Hands (August 14 – 18)

A week devoted to tactical activities and giving others a helping hand. Kids will feel a sense of accomplishment after completing projects, like sculpture, finger painting, and other they can really squish through their fingers, with their own hands. They will also learn about stewardship of our environment and how they can help in their local community.

Week 10: Best Week Ever! (August 21 – 25…last day of camp Friday, August 25)

You heard it here first. No kid will want to miss the last week of summer with us. We will revisit the most popular projects from the summer, surprise the kids with exciting projects and activities.  The kids and staff will plan a penny carnival for the last day of summer with raffle prizes and a chance for a staff to get pied in the face by one of the kids.