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Sammi Manalo

Sammi Manalo
Program Manager

Sammi grew up in this exact neighborhood (Rainier Beach) as a child and is excited to be serving in this community. ... More

Sammi grew up in this exact neighborhood (Rainier Beach) as a child and is excited to be serving in this community. She has always spent time with children younger than herself as a child and continued to volunteer in classrooms and the children’s ministry at her church as she got older. It was in high school that she realized she not only liked helping children, but that she truly enjoyed working and spending time with them. Her passion for children led her to pursue a BA in Integrated Studies from Seattle Pacific University. After graduating, she actually became a School-Age Counselor for this very same Kids Co. location. Then she left to pursue one of her dreams, which was to teach abroad. For a year she taught English in South Korea, and in January 2011, she returned to work at Kids Co. where she has diligently continued her career in child care. She is ecstatic that she gets to continue to work for this community and looks forward to making a positive influence in the lives of the children and their families in this area.Less


Ages served: 5 to 12 year olds
Before-School Program
After-School Program
Summer Day Camp

Kids Co. at South Shore is a visionary program serving one of Seattle’s most creative and resourceful learning communities. The site is located in an attractive new facility in the Rainier Beach area and offers programs for kids, ages 5 to 12 years old.

A hallmark of Kids Co. at South Shore is the seamless delivery of the HighScope curriculum, which is used by South Shore Elementary and Kids Co. teachers. The HighScope curriculum emphasizes:

  • Participatory Learning
  • Positive adult-child interactions
  • Consistent daily routines and environment
  • A “Plan-Do-Review” Process

Fun, hands on experiences that are supported and extended by caring adults through a plan-do-review process is the heart and soul of the Kids Co. at South Shore curriculum, and why children and families are drawn to being a part of this caring, enriching community.

Three programs are offered at Kids Co. at South Shore: before-school care, after-school care, and Summer Day Camp.

Before-School Program

The Kids Co. at South Shore morning program offers parents a safe and supportive place to drop off their children before heading to work and kids an enriching and fun community in which to make the transition from home to school. Offered to children from 5 to 12 years of age, the before-school program is a stable and welcoming foundation that gives families a strong start to their day.

Our professional childcare staff is skilled at creating a variety of hands-on activities and experiences that support kids during the morning hours. From family style breakfast sharing to individual and group play, Kids Co.’s before-school program is designed to get young minds and bodies thinking and moving for the school day ahead.

The morning program emphasizes free choice and gives kids options within the context of a consistent environment. Kids are given time to choose activities that meet their individual interests (e.g., computer programs, listening to music, reading, playing games, making arts and crafts, and/or interacting with their friends) and time to participate in group enrichment activities facilitated by Kids Co. staff. Homework support is also offered. On days when the skies are clear, kids can play outside within a supervised environment.

The Kids Co. at South Shore before-school program helps children and families start the day off on the right foot by providing quality childcare that enables kids to succeed in school and in life.

Kids Co. Sample Before-School Curriculum

After-School Program

Kids Co. at South Shore’s after-school program is designed to meet the particular needs kids have during the post-school hours. Under our care, young bodies are refueled with nourishing snacks; given time for self-directed, free-play; and invited to participate in fun group enrichment activities, such as cooking, indoor and outdoor games, arts, crafts, drama, and science. Daily schedules weave experiences that give children opportunities to build mastery and self-confidence with experiences that help their minds and bodies wind down.

Two unique features of Kids Co. at South Shore are the year round gardening program and the bicycle armada. Through the gardening program, a major part of the after school and summer day camp curricula, children learn science, nutrition, and responsibility, and have opportunities to practice their math and literacy skills. Through the bicycle armada, a fleet of safe children’s bicycles (with helmets), children learn how to maintain bikes, stay fit, and develop life-long habits of health and safety.

Homework Club is also offered as an optional activity Monday through Thursday to help children begin homework assignments under the guidance of Kids Co. staff. Homework Club helps children develop active habits of learning that support them in becoming academically and socially successful. Children who opt out of Homework Club, or who do not have homework, have the choice of reading or creative writing activities during this time.

The Kids Co. at South Shore after-school program is a safe environment for children. National studies have found that the single most problematic time of day for kids is between the hours of 2:25 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. It is the time of day when kids are most likely to get hurt, to get into trouble, and to establish life-long patterns, such as excessive television watching, that lead to chronic health-related problems and low self-esteem.

The Kids Co. after-school program supports and enriches the quality of life for the entire family by giving children quality care that parents trust and kids love.

Kids Co. Sample After-School Curriculum - School Age

Summer Day Camp

The Kids Co. at South Shore Summer Day Camp keeps children’s minds sharp and their bodies’ active all summer long. Offered five days a week, the program is designed to give children a fun, broad-spectrum summer camp experience that connects to their school year learning and gives them opportunities to develop lifelong friendships.

Kids can participate from a range of two days a week to all five, depending upon family needs and schedules.

Summer Day Camp offers children a relaxed pace, one that allows them to move through their days without being rushed. Each week is inventively and individually themed and paired with activities that allow kids to explore subjects and topics colorfully and creatively. Examples of Summer Day Camp week themes include:

  • Rockets, Ramps, and Gears ( Exploring motion in bodies, rockets, Hotwheels, and eggs)
  • Fun and Fitness (Mini-Olympics and the Seattle Storm)
  • Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop, Week 1(Local hip-hop artists, dance teachers, D.J.’s, and graphic artists)
  • Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop, Week 2 (Taking it to the next level)
  • Wild Water Week (Exploring the science of water and water sports)
  • Kids Co. Game Show (Experiencing and inventing games and game shows)
  • Insectopia (Bugs, spiders, flies, and worms)
  • Circus Week (Learning the traditional circus arts of acrobatics, juggling, and clowning)
  • Kids Co. Idol (Unleashing the inner performing artist)
  • Best of the Summer (Remembering and celebrating what was experienced and learned over the ten weeks of day camp)

Sample Kids Co. Summer Day Camp Week Curriculum